How to get from Kuala Lumpur to Batu Caves - Tips for Traveling With Kids

On our way through Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Mlaysia, one of our main goals was to visit the Baku Caves. These caves are, along with the Petronas Towers, the main image that pops up in our head when we think of Malaysia and is a must see for anyone visiting Malaysia.

When you arrive, the first image that jumps in sight is the impressive golden statue of God Murugan, about 42 meters high. To reach the largest and main grotto and visit its religious temples, get ready to climb a staircase of 272 which, with the characteristic heat and humidity, will surely look more like it.

We recommend that you drink plenty of water, it will very hot and, as you will be accompanied by many monkeys along the way, we also recommend that you do not eat or feed them, otherwise you will quickly find yourself surrounded by many who will not give up easily until they explore all possible sites were you can have food.

When you reach the staircase, you will easily find that there are specific paths to climb, and others to descend. If you have any questions, go after the crowd ...

The Batu Caves, located only 15 kms from the center of Kuala Lumpur, are easily accessible for those who want to visit from the city center, being a great destination for those who, like us, travel with children, who will certainly not leave. to be fascinated with the monkeys, among many other beauties of the place.

We also wanted to advise not to hold this visit during the Thaipusan Festival, which usually takes place at the end of January and attracts thousands of visitors, which makes the place very confusing.

How to get to Batu Caves from the city center

Train - KMUTER

The possibility that we have used and, more frequently, passes by train from the main train station of Kuala Lampur-KL Sentral to the station named Batu Caves.

To get to the KL Sentral train station is easy, as there are several lines that finish / start your journey here. Arriving at the station, in the central lobby you should look for the KTM Komuter Line line and, easily visible, you will find the ticket office, where you must purchase the ticket for the Batu Caves. The ticket price is less than RM 3, price 2018, less than 0.5 USD or Euros.

From KL Sentral to Batu Caves

After buying the ticket, simply follow the directions that lead you to KTM Komuter and head for the 3rd platform, Batu Caves, easy to find.

Then just wait for your train, on the right platform. During the busiest hours, the trains run every 15 minutes and, at the other times, every 30 minutes, starting the first KL Sentral train at 6H54M and the last departure from Batu Caves takes place at 11pm (please confirm the updated time schedule).

The train journey takes about 30 minutes and it is impossible to miss it, because you will have to leave at the last station, named after the caves: Batu Caves. When leaving the station, there is also no possibility of deceiving, because the caves are a few meters from the exit of the train.

Taxi, Grabcar (NOT Uber)

Another possibility to visit the Batu Caves is using Taxi, Grabcar. These services work very well and are very affordable. Sometimes it is possible to negotiate the price under certain circumstances, and even arrange to be expected to bring it back to its destination. They are more expensive than the train option but nevertheless not overly expensive and the trip is comfortable and it takes less than 30 minutes. In the case of taxis, we recommend that you negotiate the price before starting the trip, as there may be a tendency to abuse the fact that you are a tourist.

Please, be aware that since 2018 Uber has ceased to carry out its service in Malaysia, so your app will not serve you when you arrive.


And finally, there is always the possibility of visiting the Batu Caves with your family through a tour. Although not very expensive, it is much more expensive than the possibilities mentioned above and we do not think it deserves the money. In addition to being more expensive, it also has the drawback of not being able to make your own hours and in some cases still take you to other places after the visit which only serve to try to sell you something. In our opinion, this is not the best option, but if you wish, a quick search on the internet will help you evaluate the different possibilities and compare prices.

Other informations

Main batu Cave: Entrance is free, but you can leave a donation in the boxes designed for this purpose;
Cave Villa: RM15;
Ramayana Cave: RM5.
(2018 prices)

Open every day from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Dress Code:
Do not wear short skirts or shorts, the knees on display are not allowed.

Where to eat?

Fortunately, there are several options in the surrounding area, so do not worry you will have several possibilities to dine nearby, as well as buy water and coconut water. Just prepare yourself that prices are generally higher than in the city center.

We hope that our information helps you plan your trip, especially if it is a family trip, we are sure your children will love the experience. For us, it was an unforgettable visit. If you need to know how to ger from Klia2 (International Airport ok Kuala Lumpur) to the ciry center, see it here

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